Dr. Elco Koks


Elco Koks is an Associate Professor within the Water and Climate Risk group at the Institute for Environmental Studies (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and a Honorary Research Associate within the Oxford Programme of Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (OPSIS). His research combines knowledge from disaster impact modelling, critical infrastructure, network analysis and macroeconomics.

He currently supervises eight PhDs that work on the interplay of multi-risk, critical infrastructure risk modelling, network analysis and economic impact analysis.

One of his own specialties is the modelling of the economy-wide consequences of disasters on both a regional and interregional level, focusing on industrial impacts and infrastructure systems. One of the key elements in his research is to integrate natural disaster models with macroeconomic impact models.


Year Programme University
2012-2016  PhD Economic modelling for Flood Risk Assessment   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2010-2011 MSc Spatial Economics Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2007-2010 BSc Earth & Economics Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Working Experience

Year Job Title Place
2024-now Associate Professor Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2019-2023 Assistant Professor Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2019-2023 Honorary Research Associate    University of Oxford
2017-2019 Postdoctoral Researcher University of Oxford
2016-2018  Postdoctoral Researcher Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2012-2016 PhD Researcher Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Research projects

Year Project Role Funder
2023-2027   MIRACA Project Coordinator Horizon Europe
2021-2025 CoCliCo Workpackage Leader    Horizon 2020
2021-2025 MYRIAD - EU Researcher Horizon 2020
2021-2023 Resilient Regions Researcher NWO
2020-2025 VENI Project Coordinator NWO
2019-2022 Various Research Projects    Project Coordinator World Bank
2019-2023 RECEIPT Workpackage Leader Horizon 2020
2017-2019 ITRC-MISTRAL Researcher UK-EPSRC
2016-2018 WISC Workpackage Leader ECMWF
2012-2016 TURAS Researcher Horizon FP7


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