Dr. Jasper Verschuur


Jasper Verschuur is a Postdoctoral Researcher within the Oxford Programme for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (OPSIS) group at the Environmental Change Institute (University of Oxford) and currently part of the Oxford Martin School Programme on Systemic Resilience. His research combines knowledge from climate analysis, critical infrastructure modelling, economics and system analysis.

His main research interests include quantifying global system interactions of infrastructure, trade and supply-chains networks and the risks posed to these networks from climate-related extremes or other disasters. His research aims to identify policies to promote resilience and sustainability within these coupled systems. He works closely together with different international organisations such as the World Bank and the IMF.


Year Programme University
2019-2022   DPhil Climate risks to global port infrastructure and maritime trade    University of Oxford
2018-2019 MSc Water Science, Policy and Management University of Oxford
2016-2018 MSc Civil Engineering Delft University of Technology
2012-2016 BSc Civil Engineering Delft University of Technology

Working Experience

Year Job Title Place
2022-now Postdoc Researcher University of Oxford
2022-now Sustainable Development Fellow      World Bank
2019-2022 PhD Researcher University of Oxford

Research projects

Year Project Role Funder
2023-2025    Programme on Systemic Resilience    Researcher    Oxford Martin School
2022-2023 AGILE Researcher NERC
2022-2023 Doctoral Prize Researcher EPSRC
2019-2023 Various Research Projects Researcher World Bank
2019-2022 EPSRC DPhil Scholarship Researcher EPSRC


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  2. Multi-hazard risk to global port infrastructure and resulting trade and logistics losses
    Jasper VerschuurElco Koks, Sihan Li, and Jim W Hall
    Communications Earth & Environment, 2023
  3. A systemic risk framework to improve the resilience of port and supply-chain networks to natural hazards
    Jasper Verschuur, Raghav Pant, Elco Koks, and Jim Hall
    Maritime Economics & Logistics, 2022
  4. Ports’ criticality in international trade and global supply-chains
    Jasper VerschuurElco Koks, and JW Hall
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  5. Global economic impacts of COVID-19 lockdown measures stand out in high-frequency shipping data
    Jasper VerschuurElco Koks, and Jim W Hall
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  6. Observed impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on global trade
    Jasper VerschuurElco Koks, and Jim W Hall
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  7. Port disruptions due to natural disasters: Insights into port and logistics resilience
    J Verschuur, Elco Koks, and JW Hall
    Transportation research part D: transport and environment, 2020
  8. Prioritising resilience policies to reduce welfare losses from natural disasters: a case study for coastal Bangladesh
    J Verschuur, Elco Koks, A Haque, and JW Hall
    Global Environmental Change, 2020