Mengqi Ye, MSc


Mengqi Ye is a PhD Researcher in the Department of Water and Climate Risk at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam). Mengqi’s research interests bridge three related themes: power infrastructure system-of-systems and risk modelling, resilience of system, and cost-benefit analysis of adaptation options. Her PhD project is funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC), and aims to improve our understanding of the impacts of climate extremes (tropical cyclones and flooding) on power systems and assess adaptation options to enhance system resilience.

Prior to this, Mengqi obtained her Master degree in Natural Hazards at Beijing Normal University (BNU), where her research focused on developing a statistical model to estimate the direct economic losses caused by tropical cyclones in China.


Year Programme University
2020-now PhD Risk Assessment of Climate Extremes to Power Systems   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2017-2020   MSc Natural Hazards Beijing Normal University
2013-2017   BSc Geographic Information Science China University of Geosciences


  1. Dependence of tropical cyclone damage on maximum wind speed and socioeconomic factors
    Mengqi Ye, Jidong Wu, Wenhui Liu, Xin He, and Cailin Wang
    Environmental Research Letters, 2020
  2. Historical and Future Changes in Asset Value and GDP in Areas Exposed to Tropical Cyclones in China
    Mengqi Ye, Jidong Wu, Cailin Wang, and Xin He
    Weather, Climate, and Society, 2019
  3. Building asset value mapping in support of flood risk assessments: A case study of Shanghai, China
    Jidong Wu, Mengqi Ye, Xu Wang, and Elco Koks
    Sustainability, 2019